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A brief summation of my life as of late:
I was born of frankish scholars in west manshire, North-Eastern England. In our small cottage I was taught at a young age how to make maps of Southern England. I went to college thrice so I could major and minor in 3 different topics respectively (cartography, aetiology, gemmology, haberdashery, knowledge, and parchment weaving). I now live in a tweed hut, reading daily, still making maps with a passion, studying, working, drinking nectar, venting gall, correcting falsities on various "internet poustings", studying, and writing. Basically all the most joyous things of life. I have a small farm of wheat and rye and I have a brewery in the basement to make aether and gin. I visit the city often to correct other's posture, and point out how people are incorrect in various ways. Once a month I go shopping for new suits, spats, monocles, antiques, and canes. I often visit my favourite bar, The Frequent Friar to toss about discussion with other scholars. I will continue pousting articles of my own printing and will also update you with the fascinating happenings of my own life. Ädieux for now.

Being a lover of the internet, I stumbled up-on a WeB Pousting about creating a self-doppleganger. I was enthralled and created one.