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Office Hours

My aged poust alerting students to the nature of claire to re-operate office hours.
As Claire seems unable to properly express her concerns in the King's
English, her hybrid 1/2 secretary 1/2 awesome person is going to relay
the message to you. As Claire loves the Café Ambrosia more than real
Ambrosia, but on a similar scale to Zeus' love for Ambrosia. Therefore
the aforementioned Café Ambrosia (AHM-BROO-ZHAY) will herein be the new
location upon which her office hours will be taken aback, and replaced
to from the previously set location (her office, or maybe a different
Café). I appreciate your concern, but I want you to know that
everything (knock on wood) shall work out for the best, as Cronus might
say about the capture and detainment of the original Titans by his sons
(Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades). If you would take a moment to transcend
from your mortal coil, and look aback on the big picture, you will see
that this is all for the best, as a great philosopher once said "Homo
Homini Lupus" (think about that). As the aide-slash-mentor (Reginald
Johnston) to the previous and final emperor of china said (and I
paraphrase) "If you do not say what you mean, then you will never mean
what you say. And a gentle[woman] should always mean what [s]he says",
Claire being a gentlewoman wants to mean what she says, which is why
she has sent me to parlay her message upon you. As the beloved Dr.
Jack Ryan said "I am not field personnel, I am only an analyst", Claire
is not field personnel, but is only an analyst, and thus has sent me
(hybrid 1/3 secretary 1/3 awesome person 1/3 field personnel) to
disseminate her message. Claire is (knock on wood) a pretty decent
person, I would hate for this message to be misinterpreted and thus
reflect negatively upon her so let me herein restate my message in
Layman's terms; Claire has been possesed by a higher force herein named
Tyrael and a lower force herein named Potemkin to make a change in her
life. Claire is not the type to make a large change, she has all she
could want, a BlasTech standard plasma rifle, an astromech droid, a
cargo ship, and a protocol droid (me, her hybrid 1/4 secretary 1/4
awesome person 1/4 field personnel and 1/4 protocol droid). Because of
the (knock on wood) absolute fullness and perfection of her life,
Claire has decided to make a simple change in office times. So now she
has decided to herein conjure her new 60-minute time frames at the
office to now take place at a fairly Bohemian café herein known as
'Ambrosia', Potemkin and Tyrael accepted this decision, and so it was
done. I hope this simpler definition of the events now and herein
taking place helped you.
Now I, a simple candyman (1/5 secretary, 1/5 awesome person, 1/5 field
personnel, 1/5 protocol droid, and 1/5 candyman) propagate this message
to you all and hope you enjoyed my fanciful tale of woe and beauty.
This epic is not to be reproduced or malcopied in any way, shape, or
form or you will be arrested with probable cause after due process of
the law and being fully known and recognized as a person before the law
as stated in articles 1, 7, and 4 in the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, declared by the UN previously. ---
Yours Sincerely, Honestly, Really, Truly, Wholeheartedly, Earnestly,
and Fervently,
Johnathon Frankerton Franklin, PhD, MD, ZZT, ABC, LSD, 1/5 secretary,
1/5 awesome person, 1/5 field personnel, 1/5 protocol droid, and 1/5

P.S. Claire is switching office hours to Ambrosia from 4:00-6:00
tomorrow (Maynard St)
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