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MLA Format transubstantiated to JFF Format

As I read up on my Works Cited Formats information lists, I stumbled upon MLA Format. I quickly came upon the thought that it was incredibly flawed. Within the hour I had crafted my own new format hereby dubbed "JFF Format".

Here is the flawed MLA Format

Web Sources

Web sites (in MLA style, the "W" in Web is capitalized, and "Web site" or "Web sites" are written as two words) and Web pages are arguably the most commonly cited form of electronic resource today. Below are a variety of Web sites and pages you might need to cite.

An Entire Web Site

Basic format:

Name of Site. Date of Posting/Revision. Name of institution/organization affiliated with the site (sometimes found in copyright statements). Date you accessed the site .

It is necessary to list your date of access because web postings are often updated, and information available on one date may no longer be available later. Be sure to include the complete address for the site. Here are some examples:

The Purdue OWL Family of Sites. 26 Aug. 2005. The Writing Lab and OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. 23 April 2006 <http://owl.english.purdue.edu/>.

Felluga, Dino. Guide to Literary and Critical Theory. 28 Nov. 2003. Purdue University. 10 May 2006 <http://www.cla.purdue.edu/english/theory/>.

Treat entire Weblogs or "blogs" just as you would a Web site. For single-author blogs, include the author name (or screen name or alias, as a last resort); blogs with many authors, or an anonymous author, should be listed by the title of the blog itself:

Design Observer. 25 Apr. 2006. 10 May 2006. <http://www.designobserver.com/>.

Ratliff, Clancy. CultureCat: Rhetoric and Feminism. 7 May 2006. 11 May 2006. <http://culturecat.net>.

Long URLs

URLs that won't fit on one line of your Works Cited list should be broken at slashes, when possible.

Some Web sites have unusually long URLs that would be virtually impossible to retype; others use frames, so the URL appears the same for each page. To address this problem, either refer to a site's search URL, or provide the path to the resource from an entry page with an easier URL. Begin the path with the word Path followed by a colon, followed by the name of each link, separated by a semicolon. For example, the Amazon.com URL for customer privacy and security information is <http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/>, so we'd need to simplify the citation:

Amazon.com. "Privacy and Security." 22 May 2006 <http://www.amazon.com/>. Path: Help; Privacy & Security.

Here is the JFF Format (I highly recommend reading them back to back)

WeB Poustings

WeB Poustings (in JFF style, the ‘W’ in WeB must be capitulated due to the nomenclature of the word WeB. The “B’ must henceforth be capitulated because “B” stands for Baron Gore ((Gore being the inventor of the “WoRld Wide WeB”)) Poustings must be lettered with an OU due to the postanal nature of the Poustings on the WeB) Remember to hitherto proclaim WeB Poustings as two separate demonitations.

Basic stylistical formations of bibliogrations:

Name of Site (or URL as is so abbreviated). Date of Posting/Revision. Date in which creator had idea for WeB Pousting. Name of organization affiliated with page. Date you accessed the site. Hour upon which you conjectured to view the site. WeB site creators phone number. <*#Electronic Address#*>

You must list the accessed date due to the nature of the WeB Poustings to frequently and abruptly alter information. Since you clearly always have the creator’s number, we can call to double check that your information is entirely accurate. Be sure to include in Arrow Bracket-Asterisk-Number Sign format and never as a link, the full URL of the WeB page. Here are a few exemplifications.

Man Girdles ‘R Us. 14 January. 2006. 7 June 2002. Man Girdles ‘R Us. 3 February, 2007. 7:32. (834) 559-2376. <*#Http://www.Mangirdlesrus.org/size/xxl/hotpink.htm#*>

Lonely Man Date Service Family of Poustings. 17 February 2007. 7 March 1998. Lonely Man Date Service inc. 1:49. (453) 223-5678. <*#Http://www.LonelyDateService.net/Man/Lookingforwoman/230t8920/age49-63/xtrahorny.htm#*>

Never forgot that WeBlogs or Blogs, and WeBJournals or BJournals are just like regular Poustings. In single-auteur Bjournals include the Auteur name (or if you must, their screen-name pseudo-homonym title as a last ditch effort);; BJournals with many Auteurs or an auteur with full anonymity or within the FBI Witness Protection Program, track them down, tranq them, tag their ear with an orange tag labeled upon with a quintuply digited number, and use that:

Biv, Roy G. Rainbow Weekly. 23 March, 2004. 01 January, 2007. Rainbow Weekly corp. 8:01 every Friday night. (456) 345-3494. <*#Http://www.RoyGBiv.com/Blog/#398#*>

39404. Interior Designer Monthly. 31 February, 2002. 18 January, 2007. Int. Designer Monthly Ltd. 4:29 every Tuesday. (984) 432-3895. <*#Http://IntDesignMo.com/BJournal#49.html#*>

URLs that do not fit on one line of your Works Cited list should be broken at double backslash single underscore Umlaut format, when possible (\\_¨) Obviously you cannot get it formatted any other way.

Many WeB Poustings have unexcusably long URLs that would be literally and physically impossible with today’s technology, to hand type. Some theorize that some form of Command button with a “C’ or a ‘V” might do a form of “copying”, but those are largely based on subjunctive opinion. To address this problem, refer to the “strike URL” the “havoc URL” or the “search URL”. Begin the path with the word Path followed by a colon, followed by a dash and a Left Parenthese and further followed by the name of each link. For example, the Amazon.com URL for the book “Kike Spic Sluts” is <*#Http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/551434/104-0801289/Kikespicsluts#*> so we’d need to coagulate the url.

Amazon.com “Kike Spic Sluts.” 23 July, 1999. 4 May, 2004. <*#Http://amazon.com/#*>. Path:-( Books; Gay Fiction; lesbian love tales; jews; Kike Spic Sluts.
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